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Pets at the Vets

1st, 2nd & 3rd Primary

Pets at the Vets includes the colourful characters of Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh and their wonderful pets.  

The play tells the story of the day when the pets go to the vets. Vicky the Vet looks after all the pets that come to see her. Bonito, the parrot, has got a sore throat, Fulang, the monkey, has got a cold. Lump, the dog, has got an earache and Sunflower, the cat has got an eating problem; he can’t stop eating. At the end of the day a robber steals the famous pets and leaves a note with a secret message. The students help break the code to read the message and describe the pets to the police. There is a surprise telephone call from Fulang. Sunflower has eaten Fulang along with Bonito and Lump. They are now inside the cat! They make the call from a mobile phone that Sunflower has also eaten. The police trace the phone call and the pets are rescued and returned to their owners. The robber is caught and recognises the error of his ways. With the help of Vicky he becomes a reformed character with his own pet to look after.



Judith Guitart

Santa Coloma de Farners

We thought the characters and comedy in Pets in the Vets was excellent. My students favourite part was the song and the dance between the robber and the police officer.

Tamara Marin


My students loved the police character and the cat puppet “Sunflower”.

Roser Pi


It was excellent! The comedy, the audience participation and the characters, my students loved it when the thief appeared.

Ana Laura Paperan

Santa Coloma de Farners

The music and songs in Pets at the Vets are excellent. My students favourite part was when the policeman caught the robber.

Neus Planas

Maçanet de la Selva

The songs and music were excellent, my students loved the dance.

Marta Molina


I really enjoyed it when the actors ask students to participate.

Ricard Perez


The play is magnificent, very appropriate for the age of the students and very entertaining. My congratulations to the actors and staff.


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