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Passion for Fashion

5th and 6th Primary

This is a fast moving play set in a television news studio. Meet Nigel Newsman, our famous news presenter who thinks the most important news is about the rich and famous and what they’re wearing. Meet Billie Blizzard, the clumsy weather person and Rosie Wright, our heroine and intrepid reporter. 

Based on the Emperor’s New Clothes, students will be engrossed by the world of news and fashion. Follow Rosie’s quest to get her stories out and see if Nigel realises how horrible he is before it’s too late.

Students take part! Students get the opportunity take part in catwalk parade and to bid in an celebrity charity auction.

The Student workbook includes writing exercises on personal and comparative adjectives and putting together a newspaper report. In pairs, students take and compare measurements, and there is a speaking exercise about fashion.



Ana Escoruela González

Santa Coloma de Grament

What students liked the most was to participate in the play. They liked to be a part of it and feel as they were acting as well.

Niomar Villadelprat


My students enjoyed the play because they find the topic of fashion and fame appealing.

Anna Mondejar

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

My students loved the topics of Passion for Fashion; clothes, endangered animals, the characters and the song.

Ivan Jimenez


I liked it because all the actors are English native and our students get the opportunity to listen to authentic accents.

Ma Salut Martin

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

My students loved it.

Gregoria Jimenez


My students enjoyed the play a lot. The actors were nice and they know children's audience very well. Good job!!!


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